Also sometimes referred to as a crypto token, digital coin, or often simply, "token" or "coin." A digital representation of value or rights that is offered and sold for the purpose of: Facilitating access to, participation in, or development of a distributed ledger, blockchain, or other digital data structure

What Are Vike Tokens

Vike Tokens are the tokens you’ll need to make purchases at the Vike Marketplace.  Each token represents or is equal to one dollar.  So for example, if you see two event tickets for sale valued at $450 then you will need 450 Vike Tokens to complete the purchase. 

To receive your tokens you’ll need to include your MetaMask public address which we’ll use to send the tokens to after you complete your purchase.  It’s extremely important to send us your public address and not a public address not owned by you.

You’ll also be able to purchase your tokens from a Token Distributor who will be able to sell you smaller quantities.  For example, if need just 20 more Vike Tokens to make a purchase you can find a Token Distributor here who is willing to sell you 20 Vike Tokens.  At BuyVikeTokens.Com we only sell tokens in bulk.  This will be a private transaction between you as the buyer and the Token Distributor as the seller.  We do not collect a transaction fee if you purchase tokens from a Distributor.

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